• General Questions

General Questions

Who makes Architex, and has it been proven in a real environment?
Architex was developed by Exostrategies, Inc. It was developed under internal research and development efforts as a service to help us help our clients. To date, Architex has been used to support multiple enterprise architecture programs, ranging in size from local non-profit organizations to federal DoD contracts, with great success.
What technologies does Architex use?
The core of Architex utilizes a combination of Microsoft .NET Framework and third-party tools. An object relational model provides our primary data interface between the programs and the database server.
Will Architex always require Silverlight?
Silverlight is currently planned to reach end-of-life in 2021. The Architex team is aware of this date and is actively investigating alternate options.
What is the back-end database and cloud service?
Architex leverages Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure .
Do I need to back up my data?
If your Architex data service is hosted by Exostrategies, we handle all database backup operations. We perform nightly online backups and store an off-cloud backup once a week.
Alternate Architex deployments may require you to generate and maintain your own backups. Please contact your Architex account manager for more details.
If I stop my service, how long do you keep my data?
If you decide not to renew your license, you will be required to download or export your data before the end of your service agreement. If you do not renew the license after 90 days, we will delete all backup files and remove the service from the cloud. This operation cannot be undone. If you have questions on downloading or exporting your data, please contact us.
Is there a limit to the amount of data I can store within the system?
At this time there are no data limits set within the system. Architex is configured to ensure that stored data uses the least amount of database space possible.
If my internet connection goes down, will I lose my data?
The amount of data you might lose varies by module. Collector saves your data each time you move out of a cell, while Reporter, LAM, and RAM require you to intentionally save any edits. Save your work often to minimize your risk exposure.
Is Architex accessible or compatible with an Apple OS?
Architex will work on the Apple OS if the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in is installed. Silverlight is free and can be downloaded at http://www.microsoft.com/getsilverlight/Get-Started/Install/Default.aspx. You may see minor user interface differences, but the functionality is not impaired.
Be advised that you cannot paste data from Excel into Collector using the Apple Safari browser. To use this feature on an Apple OS, you must leverage an alternate browser.
Can I use Architex on an Android or iOS device?
Architex is not currently supported on these platforms.
Does Architex use require Microsoft Office?
Architex does not require nor use any portion of Microsoft Office. Data exported from Architex can be imported into Office applications and similar products.
Can I link my third-party tool directly to your database?
Due to security and data corruption concerns, this feature is not available.
How many users can I have associated with my data service?
Your license agreement dictates the maximum number of users who may simultaneously access your data service. However, you may create an unlimited number of user accounts.
Which browsers can I use to access Architex?
Exostrategies recommends you use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Apple Safari. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox do not support the Silverlight plug-in. If desired, Firefox version 51 or earlier may be used, but browser functionality and security may be impaired. For these reasons, Exostrategies does not recommend installing or operating outdated browsers.
How can I revert my version of Firefox?
To ensure system and data security, Exostrategies does not recommend using outdated browsers.
If you choose to accept the risks of operating an outdated browser, instructions can be found on the Mozilla website, https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/install-older-version-of-firefox.
How do I log in to Architex?
Simple login directions can be found in the user guide.
How can I access video tutorials if my company or agency does not allow YouTube access?
To assist these users, we have an alternative video tutorial site (using Screencast) that does not stream from our YouTube channel. Visit our tutorials webpage to access the videos outside of YouTube.
Why do I have to complete a Captcha when I log in?
Captcha codes are a security feature that helps prevent unauthorized access to your account.
A Captcha is only required at login if you have entered invalid credentials. Read the message beneath the Captcha to determine which item is incorrect. Typical errors are invalid username, password, or license file.
Can I log in from multiple systems or browsers?
Each Architex license file states the maximum number of Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN) each user can employ when accessing a specific data service. Each system has its own FQDN and each login from a unique FQDN takes a license seat. So long as there are seats available and you are logging in from an approved FQDN, you may log in as many times as you like from multiple systems. However, rather than logging in multiple times from separate browsers, consider launching additional modules within one browser via the Architex Tools menu. This allows you to explore multiple features simultaneously while using only one license seat.
How often am I required to change my password?
By default, passwords do not expire. Contact your Architex account manager to change this setting on a specific data service.
Why am I getting repetitive messages to install Silverlight when it is already installed on my computer?
You might be seeing this message because you are using an older version of Silverlight. If that is the case, you simply need to update it.
Alternately ActiveX Filtering, which blocks Silverlight connectivity, may be enabled on your browser. Check your browser’s security settings and disable ActiveX Filtering.
Another potential cause is Silverlight being unsupported by the browser you are using. This applies to Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.
Why am I receiving a browser message saying the site has become unresponsive?
There are many reasons why this message could appear: slow internet connectivity, very large data sets, long-running processes, etc.
Do not kill or refresh the page, and do not stop the plug-in. Close or ignore the message box, and allow the software to continue its process.
Why does a right-click show “Silverlight” instead of a menu?
If you click a location where no menu is available (in an empty space, on an empty organization, etc.), Silverlight is the default display.
Why am I receiving a server error when submitting a Support Request?
The most common reason is if you have used a greater than or less than symbol in your request. Architex assumes text inside these brackets is software code and cannot process your request.
Edit the Support Request to remove these symbols and resubmit. If you continue to receive an error, please contact us via email.
How do I take a screenshot of Architex?
Many modules offer the ability to export a PNG or a PDF of your Content Pane. Check the Home tab of the Ribbon Bar for an Export button. If this button does not exist, you can take a screenshot by pressing Alt and Print Screen while in the desired browser window—a snapshot of the window will be copied to your clipboard. From there you can paste the results into email, Word, PowerPoint, etc.
How do I enable clipboard access in Silverlight?
The first time you try to use the clipboard with a Silverlight application, you should see a prompt asking if you want to allow the application to use the clipboard. Select Remember my answer, and click Yes. This allows the clipboard to interact with all portions of Architex.
If you did not see the dialog window or accidentally selected No, you can reset the permissions. Right click in the browser window to bring up a context menu with the word Silverlight. Click on this option to configure Silverlight. In the resulting pop-up window, select the Permissions tab to change any previous settings.
Why does the back button on my browser take me to the welcome page?
Browser history is tracked by unique URLs. Actions within a module do not change the URL, so the back button will take you to the previous URL—often the welcome page.
Can I easily share my architecture with another user in all modules?
Yes, you can grant permissions to all modules at once rather than one at a time. Right click on the user’s name, and select Assign Read All Modules or Assign Write All Modules. This grants permission to your architecture data in Collector, Reporter, RAM, and LAM; however, it does assume that the user has access to those modules and that the architecture can be loaded in all modules.
Why did the user’s name disappear from the Sharing Pane when I dragged it to grant permissions?
When giving permission to a user, that individual is removed from the list of available users as soon as they are assigned to a module. This applies in both the Sharing Pane of the Outlook Bar and in the User Manager module.
Can I immediately access new modules or architectures once I have been granted permissions?
New module permissions do not take effect until you log out of Architex and log back in. Access to additional architectures takes effect immediately, although you may need to refresh the landing page carousel to see the new architecture.
What is the purpose of linking architectures?
By linking architectures, you are allowing the data from one to be connected to the other. This is useful when data is expressed in different frameworks, such as UPDM 2.1 and Lifecycle Affordability. Linking your system topology to your cost information allows you to model and understand the cost implications of upgrading your system, so long as the framework designs support the reference data.
Can I link to multiple architectures?
Yes. There is no restriction on the number of architectures you can link to.
Do linked architectures have to be in different frameworks?
No, you can link to architectures in the same framework.
Can I change the framework my architecture is associated to?
No. Once you have created an architecture, it is locked to that framework.