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About Architex

The Architex Decision Support Suite provides dynamic decision support through an online and integrated database that correlates architectural evolution with costs, schedule and risk. This allows users the ability to create, manage and maintain executable and affordable architectures. Each Architex subscription comes with access to all modules, architecture framework templates, examples, and access to technical support staff. Architex training and enterprise architecture consulting services are also available. Please contact us for further information, demonstrations, and site licenses.
Architex is a means to organize and visualize vast amounts of interrelated data for decision support. For some organizations, the value can be seen in a small subset of its capabilities, such as risk management. Other organizations find immediate value in the integration of Architex's functionality—integration of like data across several enterprises. Most often, companies begin their experience with Architex by solving a single need that then grows into the other aspects as they realize the power of the software.
One typical use case for Architex is to harmonize enterprise architecture, project portfolio, and risk management to achieve affordable enterprise evolution—this is illustrated by Exostrategies' triangle icon.
If you cannot afford your planned architectural evolution, there are only three things you can do and they are not independent of each other:
An infinite set of possibilities exists to connect and visualize data in other ways as well. For example, an enterprise assets architecture could be linked to both an enterprise architecture and a project portfolio, or enterprise architectures from different enterprises may be linked to each other, creating an Enterprise of Enterprises (EoE) perspective.

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