Account Setup

An Architex administrator creates and administers all user accounts using the User Manager module. In some cases, this administrator is a member of the user's organization; at other times, Exostrategies may act as the Architex administrator.
A user must have access to three items in order to view or collect data: the Architex application, a module, and an architecture. The activity diagram below illustrates a typical sequence of events required to complete account setup; user actions are described beneath the image. The User Manager how-to section describes the steps needed to set up and authorize new accounts. Architecture owners can also assign architecture permissions.

New User Actions

1. A new user must supply the following information to an Architex administrator, who uses this information to create the user account:
2. The user receives an automated New Account Created email at the address provided.
3. The user must click on the email link (within 72 hours) to set their password; this link is specific to the data service listed in the email. This step also validates the user's email address in Architex.
4. Once the password is set and the account has been authorized, the user receives an Account Authorization email. Once this email is received, the user can log in to Architex.
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