Add and Edit a Framework

The following steps walk an IsAdmin-type user through creating a new framework in Designer and editing it. Frameworks provide the overall structure for an architecture in the data-facing modules.
Architex comes with several predefined frameworks, such as UPDM 2.1 Framework, Lifecycle Affordability Framework (used in the Lifecycle Affordability Module), and Risk Framework (used in the Risk Analysis Module). The Lifecycle Affordability Framework and Risk Framework should not be modified as edits can result in a loss of module functionality.

1. Ensure you are in the Framework Builder pane of the Outlook Bar.
2. Click the Add button in the Frameworks group of the Ribbon Bar.
3. The new framework appears at the bottom of the list in the Outlook Bar. The Framework form is displayed in the Content Pane.
4. In the Content Pane, click the pencil icon to enable editing. You can edit the Framework Name and Framework Description fields. Click the Save button when finished.
5. The updated framework name is now displayed in the Outlook Bar. NOTE: As the new framework does not contain any viewpoints, any architectures created from it will be empty. See how to add a viewpoint for the next steps.
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