Add and Edit a Node

The following steps walk an IsAdmin-type user through creating a new node in Designer and editing it. Nodes define the data elements for an architecture and are added to viewpoints.

1. Ensure you are in the Node Editor pane of the Outlook Bar.
2. Click the Add button in the Nodes group of the Ribbon Bar.
3. The new node appears at the top of the list in the Outlook Bar. The Node form is displayed in the Content Pane.
4. In the Content Pane, click the pencil icon to enable editing. Node Name and Node Description are text fields. The description is what users see when they hover over the node name in the Collector Outlook Bar. Node Type and Base Node are drop-down lists. The type is based on UML specifications and will be used in future XMI functionality; currently, changing the type simply changes the icon associated with the node. Click the Save button when finished.
5. The updated node name is now displayed in the Outlook Bar. It will remain at the top of the list until you either click Refresh or reenter Designer, and then it will be arranged alphabetically. You can now add elements to the node.
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