Add and Edit an Element

The following steps walk an IsAdmin-type user through creating a new element in Designer and editing it. Elements define the type of data that can be entered in the Collector module and can only be added to nodes.

1. Ensure you are in the Node Editor pane of the Outlook Bar. Select the node ("User Guide Node" in the example) in which to add the element. This example adds a single new element to a node with no elements. The steps are the same if the node already has elements.
2. Click the Add button in the Elements group of the Ribbon Bar.
3. The new element appears below the chosen node in the Outlook Bar. Note that the element is not automatically selected.
4. Select the new element in the Outlook Bar. The Element form is displayed in the Content Pane. NOTE: Elements inherited from a base node cannot be edited, and are shaded blue.
5. Click the pencil icon to enable editing. Element Name and Element Description are text fields. Element Type is a drop-down list. There may be checkboxes available (such as Is Enum?) depending on the element type selected. Click the Save button when finished.
6. The updated element name is now displayed in the Outlook Bar. If the type was also changed, the icon will be updated.
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