Add Artwork in a Custom Report

The following steps walk a user, with write access to the module and architecture, through adding artwork to a Custom report in Reporter.

1. Once icons have been added to Artwork Manager, you can use them in a Custom report. Ensure you are in the Report Designer pane of the Outlook Bar. You can either create a new Custom report or add artwork to an existing report. This example explains how icons were added to create the OV-1b SAR High-Level Operational Custom Diagram in the SAR EA Example architecture.
2. Locate the report in the tree view (under the OV-1 viewpoint in this example).
3. This is an existing report and already contains a node and a relationship. Icons can only be added in the Custom Visualization tab of the Node form. Click on the Concept Role node, and select the Custom Visualization tab. (NOTE: If you are using a new report, then click the Add Node button in the Ribbon Bar first.)
4. Click the pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner of the form to enable editing. Then click the Add button.
5. A Visual Item has been added. This is where you can add artwork, choose a background color, select the shape size, and set a filter condition for the visualization.
6. With the visual item selected, click the Select Artwork button. This brings up the Artwork Selector window. NOTE: If you do not see any artwork categories, then click the Refresh button. If you still do not see any categories, then check that you have icons in the Artwork Manager.
7. Click on a category bar to expand it and find the icon you want to use in the report. You can also use the Search field. For this example, click on the CoastGuard Rescue Boat and then click the Select button.
8. The icon is now associated with the visual item. If you want to use this icon for all the node shapes, then click the Save button. This example will show how to use the icon for just one concept role (the Rescue Boat). In the Condition section, click the plus button to add a filter.
9. In the filter field, type in Rescue Boat (by default, capitalization does not need to match).
10. Click the Save button in the lower right corner of the form. It is also a good practice to click the Save Report button in the Ribbon Bar.
11. To check that the icon is displayed in the correct node, select the Report Viewer pane. Click the Refresh Diagram button in the Ribbon Bar.
12. The icon was successfully added. Follow these steps again to add additional artwork. You can also change the background color for each visual item, along with the shape size.

Small shape size


Medium shape size


Large shape size


Full shape size

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