Address Form – Custom Visualization Tab

The Custom Visualization tab provides the functionality to automatically color objects based on filters.
Address Form – Custom Visualization Tab

Selected Address

1. Selected Address
Once an address is selected, its details are displayed in the Address form tabs.


2. Edit
Click the pencil icon to enable editing.

Selected Tab

3. Selected Tab
The currently selected tab of the Address form.

Custom Visualization Fields

4. Custom Visualization Fields
Click the Add button to add an item to the Visual Items field. The visual style and filter are then set in the Options field. Click Delete to remove the visual item. Once a visual item is added, click the Select Artwork button to choose the artwork to display.


5. Save
The Save button saves the information currently entered in the Address form, and disables editing. A warning pops up if a required field has not yet been completed. This Save button only saves this Address form; it does not save the overall report design (use Save Report in the Ribbon Bar for this).
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