Analysis Tab

The Analysis tab provides users with functionality to trace a relationship path and see the time phasing of objects.
Analysis Tab

Trace Group

1. Trace Group
The Trace group allows a user to trace the path of objects; an object needs to be selected in the Content Pane for the buttons to work as intended. Select the connection path from the Direction menu: Incoming, Outgoing, or Both. Trace Steps highlights that number of levels when the Trace button is clicked. Step Trace shows the objects on the next layer. Clear Trace removes any trace items and make all objects visible again. Select Highlighted selects all the highlighted objects; this is useful for applying a color to a group of shapes at once.

Time Phase Group

2. Time Phase Group
The Time Phase group is only enabled if valid dates are provided for the objects (as shown here). The bars on either side of the timeline slider can be adjusted left or right to narrow down the time period. The Backward and Forward buttons can be used to step to the previous or next time phase; in the Content Pane, objects with dates in the phase are visible, while the others are grayed out. The Start and End fields display the dates of the data shown.
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