Application Menu Bar

The application menu bar contains five menu options, and is available on the welcome page and all module application pages.
Application Menu Bar

Home Menu

1. Home Menu 
The Home menu provides a link to the welcome page, where you can select and enter a different module.

Architex Tools Menu

2. Architex Tools Menu 
The Architex Tools menu lists the modules you have access to in the data service. Click a module name to switch to that module (this provides the same functionality as the module medallions on the welcome page).

My Account Menu

3. My Account Menu 
The My Account menu provides options to change your password or log out of Architex.


4. Logout 
The Logout button logs you out of all Architex modules and frees up a license for another user.

Help Menu

5. Help Menu 
The Help menu contains support links; each link will open in a new browser tab or window (depending on browser settings).
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