Architecture History

The data-facing modules (Collector, Reporter, LAM, and RAM) provide the ability to view the data history of an architecture. Once an architecture is loaded, click the Architecture History button to bring up the history data window (Collector used for the example). The subtopics cover each tab of the Architecture History window.
Architecture History

Architecture History

1. Architecture History
The Architecture History button in the module Ribbon Bar opens the Architecture History window.

Ribbon Bar

2. Ribbon Bar
Click the Refresh History Data button to update the tab with any recent changes. The Display gallery options change how the data is grouped: By User, By Node, or By Change. Use the Filter group options to view a subset of the data by user or dates. Each tab's view can be exported.

Window Tabs

3. Window Tabs
The window tabs display the data in different formats.

Close Button

4. Close Button
Click the Close button when finished.
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