Artwork Manager Window

The Artwork Manager window provides the functionality to add, view, edit, or delete artwork in the data service. The artwork can be viewed in every architecture in the data service, regardless of framework. If an image is deleted in one architecture, it is deleted everywhere in that data service.
Artwork Manager Window

Ribbon Bar

1. Ribbon Bar
The Import Image button opens the file manager where users can select which XAML, PNG or JPEG file to import; multiple files can be imported together, but will take more time. NOTE: 256x256 pixels is the maximum recommended size for PNG or JPEG images. While larger images can be imported, they will take longer and may cause memory or display issues.
Click the Load Database button to refresh the lower portion of the window and see all artwork in the data service.
The Delete button removes the image from the data service; this is a permanent deletion and cannot be undone.
The Image Editor button is applicable to PNG and JPEG images, and brings up a window where the image can be edited.
The Overwrite Image button allows the user to overwrite the current image with a new one and keep the same name. (NOTE: You can only overwrite an image with the same type; i.e., a PNG file can only overwrite a PNG image.)
The Search field provides the ability to search for images by name or partial name. Click the X icon to clear the field.

Category Header

2. Category Header
The header bar shows the name of the artwork category.

Loaded Artwork

3. Loaded Artwork
All artwork that has been imported or loaded is displayed beneath a category header.

Artwork Details

4. Artwork Details
When an image is selected on the left side, the right side provides additional details about the image. XAML images have a DesiredSize of 0,0 while PNG and JPEG images display their size in pixels. At this time, the ShapeSize menu does not have an effect on the image. The Category, Description, and Name fields can be edited. The Type menu cannot be edited.


5. Close
Click the Close button to close the Artwork Manager window.
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