Assign Architecture Permission

The following steps walk a user, with write access to the module, through assigning architecture permissions in User Manager. Once permission is assigned, the user will see that architecture on the module's landing page.

1. Select the Architecture Users pane in the Outlook Bar. Note that no users are displayed until an architecture is selected (step 3).
2. In the Content Pane, click on the menu arrow to show the drop-down menu list of available architectures. If you are a UM Write user, only the architectures at your organization level and below are displayed; an IsAdmin-type user can see all non-example architectures.
3. Select the desired architecture from the list ("EA Sandbox - ArchitexUser" in the example). The module accordion bars appear in the Content Pane, and the Outlook Bar is populated with available users.
4. In the Content Pane, select the module in which to assign architecture permission (Reporter in the example). In the Outlook Bar, click on the user to grant module access to ("Last, First" in the example). Drag and drop that user into the appropriate role field in the Content Pane. A tool tip appears to guide you. NOTE: After a user is dragged into the Read or Write field, they will appear under their organization name.
5. You can also quickly assign architecture permissions in all modules for a user. Right click on the user's name ("IsAdmin User" in the example), and select either Assign Read All... or Assign Write All... from the menu.
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