Chart – Timeline

The Timeline view provides the ability to select the period of time used to display costs in the Area Chart and Pie Chart. The default time period encompasses the date range of the visible projects.
Chart – Timeline

Timeline Scale

1. Timeline Scale
The top of the timeline shows the timeline scale. The date labels automatically change based on the zoom level and can show quarters or years. The scale can be changed with the scroll bar.

Timeline Window

2. Timeline Window
The timeline window contains the selected period of time (in the blue box) and line that indicate the costs of all projects by date, the funded values, or the combined total.

Selected Period of Time

3. Selected Period of Time
The selected period of time is highlighted in the timeline window by a blue box. To change the start or end time of the selected period, click and hold the blue "handle" on either side and drag left or right. The start and end dates are shown at the bottom of the box as a guide. The width of the box may change if the timeline is zoomed in or out, but the date range does not change. The blue box itself can also be moved to a different spot in the timeline.

Timeline Scroll Bar

4. Timeline Scroll Bar
The scroll bar allows the user to change the timeline view. Click the middle of the scroll bar and drag it until the desired time range is visible in the window. Click on one of the scroll bar ends, and drag it left or right to change the timeline scale.
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