Chart Content Pane

The Chart Content Pane contains detailed information about the Chart report selected in the Outlook Bar.
Chart Content Pane

Row Labels

The row labels are determined by the field in the Row Labels box of the field list. In this example, it is the name of the project managers in our project portfolio.


The Y-axis values are automatically generated based on the Values box of the field list. In this example, it is the number of projects associated with a project manager.


The legend provides the key to the color scheme of the chart. It can be toggled on or off through the Layout tab of the Ribbon Bar.

Field List

The field list provides the fields available to display in the report. A field can be dragged from one Label box to another; the Content Pane is automatically refreshed. If the field list is empty, click the Refresh Grid button in the Ribbon Bar.
See Design a Chart Report for Field List usage.
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