Class Diagram – Node Types

In a Class diagram, there are three Node Type options: Class, Field, and Note. Examples of each are provided below.


The Class node type is the default selection and produces the commonly seen shapes in the report. Relationships can be drawn between Class shapes.

Class with Field

When added to a Class shape, a Field is displayed as a list below the shape's name that can be expanded and collapsed.
Any element type can be set as a Field and assigned to its parent through the Node form or the Relationship form. If the Relationship form is used, all Display Type selections result in the same image as nesting via the Node form.
If added to a Class container (i.e., it has other shapes nested within it), the Field is also displayed as a shape.
Regardless of how they are displayed (added to shapes or containers), relationships cannot be drawn between fields.

Class with Note

A Note is typically a shape nested within a Class shape to provide additional information about that record. Nesting a text or date element via the Node form produces the best results, as shown below. Relationships cannot be drawn between Notes.
It is not recommended to assign a reference element as a Note. When using the Node form to nest a Note, only one reference record will be displayed (regardless of the reference type). In our example data, both 1 AP and 6 AP have C AOR as a single reference element. When this reference element is nested via the Node form, C AOR is only seen with the 1 AP shape.
If the reference element is nested via a Relationship form, the Note is displayed both as a field to the associated Class shapes and as its own shape. These Note shapes are not filtered out of the diagram, even if Remove Orphans or Remove Duplicates buttons are enabled (in the Report Designer pane).

Class with Note and Field

A Class node type can contain both Note and Field types. When this occurs, the Field is displayed as a shape rather than a list (as seen with 1 AP, 3 AP, and 8 AP in the image).
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