Compare and Merge Data

The following steps walk a user, with write access to the module and architecture, through comparing and merging differences between two sets of data in LAM. This can be helpful if changes made in a data set need to be merged with the original LAM architecture.

1. If you have not exported a data set to an XML file, then be sure to do that first.
2. Load the architecture in which to compare and merge any changes. Select the Compare tab from the Ribbon Bar, and click the Import button.
3. Navigate to the location of the XML file. Select it, and click Open.
4. Once the file is loaded, the Content Pane is divided into three sections. The top section contains information about the loaded and comparison data; this area cannot be edited or resized. The middle section displays a Gantt view of the changes; the colors indicate whether the item is from the loaded (blue) or comparison (green) data. This area can be resized, similar to the larger Gantt view. The bottom section contains a text summary of the differences found; this area can also be resized and is where items are selected (or deselected) for merging.
5. In the bottom section, click the arrow to expand or collapse the text items.
6. Click the plus sign to see the actual differences. Click the minus section to collapse that item.
7. Review the differences and uncheck any changes you do not want to make in the Accept column. You can also use the Select All or Deselect All buttons in the Ribbon Bar to check or uncheck all the differences.
8. Click the Merge Selected Items button in the Ribbon Bar when you have reviewed all changes. If you are keeping all the changes, you can click the Merge All button. (NOTE: If you click Merge All, it will merge all the differences even if you have unchecked some items.)
9. A busy indictor is displayed while the merge is being performed. Remember, you can view all the changes that were made in the Activity Log of the Logs tab in the Content Pane.
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