Compare Tab

The Compare tab provides the functionality to compare and merge data from an XML file with the loaded architecture or data set. See how to merge changes for further details.
Compare Tab

Comparison Data Group

1. Comparison Data Group
The Import button brings up the file explorer window to select and open an XML file to compare against the currently loaded data.

Gantt Display Group

2. Gantt Display Group
The display menu changes how projects are organized in the Gantt portion of the Content Pane. When enabled, the Show Only Differences button displays only the items that are different between the two sets of data.

Changes Group

3. Changes Group
Merge All applies all of the differences into the current architecture or data set. Merge Selected Items applies only the selected differences. Select All checks all of the differences listed in the Content Pane, while Deselect All unchecks all of them.

Close Group

4. Close Group
The Close Comparison button takes the user back to the Home tab. Note that the imported comparison data remains displayed in the Compare tab until either a new file is imported for comparison or a different architecture (or data set) is loaded from the Landing Page.
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