Component Diagram – Node Types

In a Component diagram, there are two Node Type options: Component and Interface. These types are identical in both the way they are displayed and how relationships are applied.


The Component node type is the default selection and the most commonly used shape. Relationships can be drawn between Component shapes.

Component Nested via Node Form

While text and date elements can be nested through the Node form, nesting a reference element may result in an incomplete report because only one reference record will be displayed (regardless of the reference type). In our example data, both 3 AP and 4 AP have B Type associated as a single reference element. When this reference element is nested via the Node form, B Type is only seen with the 3 AP shape.

Component Nested via Relationship Form

It is a better practice to nest elements using the Relationship form, especially reference elements. When nested via this method, the resulting image shows the correct data (6 AP and 9 AP do not have an associated type in this example).

Component and Interface with Relationships

Components and Interfaces can be displayed in the same report, and relationships can be drawn between them. These shapes can also be nested within each other.
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