Configure Tab

The Configure tab of the Ribbon Bar allows the user to choose the view type and generate a relational diagram.
Configure Tab

Generate Diagrams Group

1. Generate Diagrams Group
The Generate button generates the relational diagram after a diagram type is selected in the View group. The Refresh Layout button lays out relational objects again, maintaining any style settings and expanded or collapsed states.

View Group

2. View Group
The Base Fields button is only applicable with the Base Class relational diagram; click it to display the elements the current node inherits from its base node.
The Show Hidden Elements button indicates if hidden elements should be displayed with the node; by default, hidden elements are visible.
The View gallery shows the relational diagrams available to generate; options change based on the Outlook Bar selection.

Expand Group

3. Expand Group
The Expand group expands or collapses any lists within the objects in the diagram.
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