Content Pane

The Content Pane of the Gantt provides a graphical illustration of the project portfolio to help plan, coordinate, and track projects and tasks.
Content Pane

Viewing Filter

1. Viewing Filter
Set the viewing filter to determine which of the available projects are visible on the Gantt. If no filter is set, no projects will be visible. The filter can It can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the caret next to the visible projects identifier.

Item Selected

2. Item Selected
The Root field shows the path of the currently selected project or task. At the far right, there is a drop-down arrow to quickly choose previously selected projects or tasks. The menu is cleared between sessions.

Project Icon

3. Project Icon
The folder icon indicates the item in the grid view is a project. The folder is highlighted red when there are potential errors with the project (e.g., dates, funding, costs). A paper icon is used for a task.

Project Information

4. Project Information
The information row displays the project title, start date, and end date. The Title column includes the project identifier and project name (plus the funding vehicle identifier if funded). The Start and End columns show the start date and end date, respectively, of the project. Column widths can be resized by dragging the column divider to the right or left to view more or less details. Double click on the project title to bring up the Project Information window.

Project Event Bar

5. Project Event Bar
This is the timeline view of a project; the length of the event bar indicates the item’s duration. Lines denote dependencies between projects and/or tasks; red dotted lines indicate an error in the dependency, otherwise the line is black. Double click on the event bar to bring up the Project Information window.


6. Legend
The legend can be toggled on or off in the Home tab of the Ribbon Bar. The legend colors differentiate between project status or organization, depending on what is selected from the Criteria menu in the View tab.
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