Content Pane

The Content Pane displays the details of an architecture when it is selected through the Select Architecture drop-down menu or in the Outlook Bar.
Content Pane

Selected Architecture

1. Selected Architecture
An architecture can be selected here using the drop-down menu or through the Outlook Bar.


2. Edit
Click the pencil icon to edit any of the fields.

Editable Text Fields

3. Editable Text Fields
The Name and Description of the architecture can be changed in the text fields. NOTE: Architecture owners can also edit this information on the landing page of other modules, without going through User Manager.

Editable Pull-Down Menu

4. Editable Pull-Down Menu
This is the only place to change the owner of an architecture. A new owner can be selected from the drop-down menu. Unless the user is an IsAdmin-type user, they will only see users in their organization and child organizations.
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