Content Pane

The Content Pane is where the generated relational diagram is displayed once generated; the initial view is shown here. The relational diagram generated depends on the item selected in the Outlook Bar (either a viewpoint or a node), and the type selected in the Ribbon Bar.
Content Pane

Thumbnail Viewer Controls

1. Thumbnail Viewer Controls
The Autofit button attempts to bring the entire diagram into the Content Pane. Larger diagrams may not all fit on the screen. Click the Search button to access the Bring into View menu; either type in the search criteria or select from a pull-down menu. This brings that object into the center of the Content Pane. The initial square icon   (not shown) opens the thumbnail viewer. The X icon closes it.

Zoom Controls

2. Zoom Controls
The zoom controls allow the user to magnify the diagram to see more details. These controls are only available when the thumbnail viewer is open (as shown here).
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