Copy a Risk

The following steps walk a user, with write access to the module and architecture, through copying a risk (either parent or child) within an architecture in RAM. Copying risks can simplify the process of documenting similar risks.

1. With the desired architecture loaded, ensure you are in the Risk Designer pane of the Outlook Bar.
2. In the Outlook Bar, click the risk to copy ("First Child Risk" in the example).
3. Click the Copy button from the Risk group of the Ribbon Bar.
4. A duplicate of the original risk, and everything nested beneath it, is created and displayed in the Outlook Bar. This copy shares the parent (if applicable) of the original risk, and its name is prepended with "Copy of" (note that any nested risks and mitigations do not have "Copy of" added). This copy can be rearranged in the hierarchy without impact to the original. Likewise it can be edited without changing the original risk. (NOTE: The mitigations are copied without their projects. While you may want to copy the risk to model a similar type risk,  there would be discrete projects for the new mitigations.)
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