Copy Records to Excel

The following steps walk a user, with read or write access to the module and architecture, through copying records from Collector into Microsoft Excel.

1. With the desired architecture loaded, ensure you are in the Data Editor pane of the Outlook Bar. For this example, High Level Operational Concept is the node of interest and was selected from the A to Z tab. After selecting the node from the Outlook Bar, the records are displayed in the Content Pane. Click on a record in the Content Pane to ensure the table is selected.
2.  Click Copy Table in the Ribbon Bar. This copies the data and headers to the computer's clipboard. NOTE: A node must contain at least one record (it can be a blank record) for the header row to copy to the clipboard.
NOTE: You may see a pop-up window from Microsoft Silverlight asking for permission to copy. Click Yes, and check "Remember my answer".
3. Open a blank workbook in Microsoft Excel. Select the A1 cell. Paste the data into Excel (use Ctrl-V for best results).
4. You can now add records to Excel. When finished, write users can paste records from Excel into Collector.
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