Cost Model Configuration Window

The Cost Model Configuration window is only accessible from the Resource Loading tab of the Project Information window.
Cost Model Configuration Window

Resource Information

1. Resource Information
This section shows which resource is displayed, and cannot be edited.

Cost Model Graph

2. Cost Model Graph
Add Point
Right click anywhere in the chart without a point, and a menu appears with the Add Point option. Clicking it will create a point at the point you originally clicked.
Edit Point
To move a point in the chart, left click on the point and drag to the new position before releasing the button.
NOTE: The start and end points can only be moved vertically.
Right click on a point in the chart, and the point menu appears with options to Delete Point, View Point Details, and Manually Edit Point. Point details are shown in the Selected Point Details. If View is selected, the details are shown but not editable. Manually edit point allows the point details to be edited through the Selected Point Details fields. Manual editing is useful when a specific date or exact percentage is necessary.
Apply Cost Model Type Template
There is a drop down box which allows the user to replace the model with an existing cost model template (Even Weight, Decreasing, Increasing, Front Load) to the resource loading. You can also click and drag a point to manually change it.

Selected Point Details

3. Selected Point Details
This section is blank when no graph point has been selected. Right-click on a point and select View Point Details from the menu to display further information in this field:

Window Buttons

4. Window Buttons
The Clear Changes button resets all fields to the original values. The Apply button saves edits made in the Cost Model Configuration window, and then closes the window. The thumbnail in the resource loading list will show the updated cost model graph. The Cancel button reverses edits made in the Cost Model Configuration window, and then closes the window.
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