Create a New Architecture

The following steps walk a user, with write access to the applicable module, through creating a new architecture in Collector, RAM, or LAM.

1. New architectures are created on the module's landing page. Click the New Architecture button in the Ribbon Bar.
2. In the New Architecture window, type in an Architecture Name. Description is an optional field.
3. From the pull-down menu, select the Framework that will best model your data. NOTE: This pull-down list is only enabled in Collector; in RAM or LAM, the framework for a new architecture is specified by the software.
4. Once a framework is selected, click the Create Architecture button.
5. The Create New Architecture window pops up to let you know that your new architecture has been created. Click the OK button.
6. Your new architecture now appears in the carousel. You can edit your architecture at any time.
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