Create a Project

The following steps walk a user, with write access to the module and architecture, through creating a new project in LAM. This process also applies to a data set.

1. With the desired architecture loaded, ensure you are in the Gantt tab of the Content Pane.
2. In the Home tab of the Ribbon Bar, click the Project button in the Create group.
3. A blank Project Information window pops up.
4. In the Project tab, fill out the fields. The asterisk (*) fields are mandatory. The Period of Performance dates default to the current date, and a duration of at least one day must be set. Click Apply when you are finished. NOTE: Start dates must be greater than 1/1/1753, and end dates less than 12/31/9999.
5. You should now see your new project in the Gantt view. If you do not, make sure the viewing filter includes the start date of your project.
6. You can now edit the project to add or change details.
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