Create a Save As Architecture

The following steps walk a user, with write access to the applicable module, through creating a copy of an existing architecture in Collector, Reporter, RAM, or LAM. The user must also have at least read permission to the architecture being copied.

1. Architecture copies are created on the module's landing page. In the carousel, click on the tile of the architecture you want to copy. NOTE: If there is a lock icon in the bottom left corner of the tile, then the architecture cannot be copied.
2. Click the Save As... button in the Ribbon Bar.
3. The Copy Architecture window pops up. Type in a unique Architecture Name. It is a good practice to edit the Description field, which is copied from the original architecture.
4. If the architecture you are copying is linked to other architectures (like this example), you have several options. You can (1) copy the linked architectures and link to these new copies; (2) copy the linked architectures, but keep the link to the original architecture; or (3) do not copy the linked architectures, and link to the original architecture. In this example, we will use both the first and third option.
5. Click the Copy Architecture button when finished.
6. "Performing architecture copy..." displays while Architex is creating the architecture (or architectures).
7. The copied architecture (or architectures) now appears in the carousel. The Architecture Information field shows that it is linked to the other copy made. You can now edit your architecture.
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