Create Cascading Filter Drop-Downs

The following steps walk an IsAdmin-type user through creating cascading drop-down reference elements for use in Collector.

1. Ensure you are in the Node Editor pane of the Outlook Bar. Expand the node ("Vehicle Cascading Model (Auto)" in the example) which contains the reference element you wish to cascade filter ("Model").
2. Notice that the Referenced Element Node is set to Model (Auto). The Key Element (Referenced Node) field will be populated with elements from this node.
For this example, the Model (Auto) node also contains an element with Make values. For a cascading filter for the Vehicle Cascading Model (Auto) node records, we only want to be able to select Model Name values for records where the Make is a selected value. Select the Make element of the Model (Auto) node.
3. The Filter Element (Current Node) is the reference element in the current node (Vehicle Cascading Model (Auto)) which will contain the selected Key Element value. For this example, select Make.
4. Click Update to apply changes.
In Collector, the Model element is now filtered based on the value of the Make element.
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