Create Resource Loadings

The following steps walk a user, with write access to the module and architecture, through adding resource loadings to a project (or task) in LAM. This process also applies to a data set. A resource and labor category of the same resource type must exist before funding can be assigned to a project.

1. With the desired architecture loaded, ensure you are in the Gantt tab of the Content Pane.
2. Find the project (or task) to which you want to assign resource loadings. Double click on the project name or event bar to open the Project Information window.
3. Select the Resource Loading tab. Click the plus sign next to the Resource Loadings list to add a new resource loading.
4. In the Resource Loading Information window that pops up, fill out the Allocation Start and Allocation End fields. These are automatically set to the project dates when creating a resource loading.
When editing a resource loading, you can use the Match Project Start and Match Project End buttons to set these dates to match an edited project.
Although Name is not required, but can help disambiguate multiple resource loadings in the Project Information window.
5. Select a resource from the drop-down list, or add a new one using the plus icon . Once a resource is selected, the labor category drop-down list will only display labor categories with the same resource type.
6. Select a labor category from the drop-down list, or add a new one using the plus icon .

7. Enter a Loading value. Click the Apply button when finished.
8.  The resource loading is now listed in the Resource Loadings field grouped by resource type. Click Apply in the project window to complete the process.
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