Data Population Workflow

If a risk registry has not already been established in RAM, a new risk architecture must be created from the RAM landing page. Remember to link the new architecture to a LAM architecture if you want to be able to associate that architecture’s projects to risks in your RAM architecture. All topics in this section presume that the data is being created for a typical 5x5 risk matrix.
Although RAM offers an intuitive interface for entering individual risks and risk mitigations, reference values must be populated in Collector prior to being available in pull-down menus within RAM. These data elements are located within the nodes and relationships shown below in the Risk Framework data workflow. Although architecture setup relies upon Collector usage, editing additional risk data in Collector is strongly discouraged. There are two ways to enter data in Collector: directly adding records or importing from Excel.
For best results when developing a new risk architecture, follow these steps in order:
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