Data Tab

The Data tab of the Gantt Ribbon Bar provides the functionality to save a data set, either to the database or to an external file.
Data Tab

Save Data Group

1. Save Data Group
The Save Data Set button saves the data set to the database. The user can choose whether to save all the data or only the data as currently filtered. The Export Data Set to File button exports all the data (not taking into account any filters) to an XML file that can be imported back into LAM.
A data set has an additional Autosave group in the Ribbon Bar. When the Autosave button is toggled on, data is saved as a data set at the selected frequency. The previously saved data set is overwritten each time. The button is only enabled when a name is entered in the Autosave Data Set Name box. If the name of an existing data set is used, a warning message is displayed on the Ribbon Bar. Only the creator can see an auto-saved data set, and it cannot be shared with other users.
The Frequency drop-down menu allows the user to set the auto-save frequency from 2 to 25 minutes:
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