Date Element

The Date element is commonly seen in architectures; the Valid From and Valid Until elements of the UPDM 2.1 Framework use this element type.
Date Element

Record Editing

1. Record Editing
The selected record is highlighted gold. This symbol indicates that an element in the record is being edited.

Date Element

2. Date Element
To edit a date element, double-click in the cell and type in the desired date. Date format is mm/dd/yyyy (preceding zeros are not required, but four-digit years are required). Click off of the cell to save the edits. You can also select the calendar icon to bring up the interactive calendar.


3. Calendar
The calendar pop-up defaults to today's date. You can navigate within the calendar two ways. You can scroll left or right using the arrows in the header to advance or retreat the header incrementally by the displayed unit.
You can also change the unit displayed by clicking directly on the date header bar. The first click changes the header bar to the year initially selected, and list the months in that year.
The second click changes the header bar to the start of the decade, and list the years in that decade.
The third (and final) click changes the header bar to the start of the century, and list the decades in that century.
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