Edit Tab

The Edit tab of the Document context group allows the user to import or export images or text, change font and paragraph styling, and proof the document.
Edit Tab

Import/Export Group

1. Import/Export Group
Open imports a previously saved text file into the report. Save saves the report to the computer.

Clipboard Group

2. Clipboard Group
Cut and Copy saves the selected text or image to the clipboard. Paste brings data from the clipboard into the report.

Font Group

3. Font Group
The Font group tools provide the ability to change the font type, size, and color; bold, italicize and underline text; and format text as a subscript or a superscript. Click the arrow in the lower right corner to bring up the Font dialog box for more options:

Paragraph Group

4. Paragraph Group
The Paragraph group tools provide bullet and list functionality, indentation, and text alignment. Click the arrow in the lower right corner to bring up the Paragraph Properties window for more options:

Editing & Proofing Group

5. Editing & Proofing Group
The Find/Replace button brings up a window to search for a word or phrase to find it or replace it. Click Enable Spell Check to turn on the spell checker. If there are spelling errors in the Content Pane, use Find Next Error to move through the errors.

Styles Group

6. Styles Group
The Styles group provides predefined styles or format headings, captions, and other text. Click Change Styles to edit existing styles or create a new style.
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