The Element form of the Content Pane displays information about the element selected in the Outlook Bar. An element is associated with a node, and is the column heading in a node in Collector. If a base node was selected in the Node form, then the base node’s elements are inherited by the current node; these elements can only be edited in the base node. You can also add elements that are unique to the node.


1. Edit
Click the pencil icon to edit the Element form.

Element Information

2. Element Information
The user can edit the Element Name and Element Description or change the Element Type. Depending on the element type chosen, there may be additional items that can be edited (such as the Is One to Many [1..N]? checkbox here). Current element types include:

Element Tabs

3. Element Tabs
The Element Alias tab allows the user to add or delete alternate names for the Element. The Reference tab is where the element to reference is selected; this tab is only visible if the element is a reference. Base Class Visibility allows the user to select what nodes in the base node will be used in Collector.

Referenced Element

4. Referenced Element
The element type in this example is a reference. To choose the element to reference, click on the Node pull-down menu and select the node. Then click on the Element menu and select the element.
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