Export Data

The following steps walk an IsAdmin-type user through exporting an architecture's data and reports in Designer. This process saves the data and the unlocked reports in the selected architecture as an XML file; this is different from the Export Data functionality in Collector that saves only the data as an Excel file.

1. In either the Framework Builder pane or the Node Editor pane, click the Import/Export Data button in the Ribbon Bar.
2. The Data Manager window appears. Click the Export tab to switch views.
3. First, in the Architecture Name pull-down menu, choose the architecture to export ("EA Sandbox - ArchitexUser" in this example).
4. Next check the box next the to the framework the architecture is based on ("UPDM 2.1 Framework" here). There is no error message if the wrong framework is selected (or more than one framework is checked), but no data will be exported.
5. Now click the Export XML button. In the file window, navigate to the desired location, name your file, and click Save. A busy indicator appears while the file is being created.
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