Export Data

The following steps walk a user, with read or write access to the module and architecture, through exporting all or a subset of architecture data from Collector to a Microsoft Excel file.

1. With the desired architecture loaded, ensure you are in the Data Editor pane of the Outlook Bar. To export data, you do not need to select a node from the Outlook Bar.
2. From the Ribbon Bar, click the Export Data button in the Ribbon Bar.
3. The Data Export window appears, with the By Viewpoint tab initially selected. The window initializes with no viewpoints or nodes checked, even if a node is loaded in the Content Pane.
4. The Include Empty button will include empty nodes (those without any records) in the export. Enable the Source Node Only button to have records exported only in their source node and not in the roll-up node. The Include Record Type button (enabled by default) adds the Record Type column for each node. The Style group provides options to set the color of the header row, records, and groups in the Excel spreadsheet.
5. To export all of the nodes in the architecture, click the Select All button. This checks all of the viewpoints in the By Viewpoint tab and all of the nodes in the A to Z tab. (Click Clear All to clear all selections.)
6. Specific viewpoints and nodes can also be selected. Click the checkbox next to the viewpoint or node name to select it (A to Z tab shown in the example).
7. Once you have selected the viewpoints or nodes to export, click the Export button. In the file window, name the file and select its location. Click the Save button. A busy indicator appears while the data is being exported.
8. Click the Close button when the export process is complete (the Data Export window does not automatically close).
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