Exported Reports File

The Report Manager window provides the ability to export existing reports to a zip file.
When the exported zip file is extracted, the folder will contain the following:
The ExportedReports.html file can be opened in a browser to display the exported reports.
The Report Viewer folder contains resources used by ExportedReports.html to display the reports.
The other folder will have the name of the Architecture and contain a folder structure matching the viewpoints and reports selected for export.
Open the ExportedReports.html file in a browser.
Exported Reports File

Architex version

1. Architex version
The version used to create the report export.

Report Tree Navigation Pane

2. Report Tree Navigation Pane
The navigation pane presents a tree of all the viewpoints and reports that were selected for export.

Expand / Collapse Tree

3. Expand / Collapse Tree
This icon expands and collapses the tree by level.


4. Viewpoint
The name of a viewpoint; represented by a unique icon .

Report Name

5. Report Name
Name of a report. The icon on the left indicates the report type.

Selected Report Preview Pane

6. Selected Report Preview Pane
When a PNG report is selected, the content is displayed in the preview pane.
PDF and HTML reports can be displayed in a separate browser tab by clicking a link.
Word, RTF, XAML, and Excel reports display a link to download a copy of the report.
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