Format Tab

The Format tab allows the user to group objects for quick arrangement and alignment options.
Format Tab

Position Group

1. Position Group
The Move to Corner button aligns the diagram with the top and left corner of the page. Click the Autofit button in the Content Pane to see any changes.

Tools Group

2. Tools Group
When enabled, the Rotation button allows the user to rotate an object. The Resizing button allows the user to resize objects. The Connectors button allows for manipulation of the connecting lines (to include deleting them from the current image). The Selection Mode drop-down menu provides options to select objects singly, in multiples, or not at all:
The Select button provides options to select items in the Content Pane: Select All (both shapes and relationships), Select All Shapes, or Select All Relationships.

Arrange Group

3. Arrange Group
The Align button options adjust how selected objects are aligned with each other. The Distribute button options try to spread out the selected objects evenly. The Group menu provides options to group or ungroup the selected shapes. The Bring to Front menu allows shapes to be displayed in front of other shapes, while the Send to Back menu displays shapes behind others.

Size Group

4. Size Group
The Size group allows the user to change the width of all shapes or selected shapes. Enter a value in the Minimum Width field, and then click the Update Shape Width button. At times you may need to click Refresh Data (in the Home tab) to adjust router connections.
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