Framework Manager Window

The Framework Manager window contains the functionality to export and import Architex frameworks. A framework is exported to an XML file; this XML export file can then be imported into Architex (for example, into a different data service). However, frameworks from other EA software tools cannot be imported into Architex via this method.
Framework Manager Window

Framework Group

1. Framework Group
Use the Select Framework pull-down menu to choose an existing framework for export.

Export Group

2. Export Group
Once a framework is selected, the Export button is enabled. Click it and choose a location to save the XML file.

Import Group

3. Import Group
Click the Import button to locate an Architex XML framework export file to bring into your data service.

Import Embedded Framework Group

4. Import Embedded Framework Group
The Import Embedded Framework group can be used to bring in one of three frameworks: UPDM 2.1 Framework, Risk Framework, and Lifecycle Affordability Framework. This functionality is best used in an empty data service (i.e., contains no frameworks). While an embedded framework can be imported in a data service where the framework already exists, the process may take a while to complete.
Use the Select Embedded Framework pull-down menu to choose the framework, and then click the Import Embedded Framework button.

Changes Group

5. Changes Group
When a framework is imported, Architex compares it against existing frameworks, viewpoints, nodes, and reports. Use the options in the Changes group to select or deselect all options and merge all or selected items.
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