Funding Execution Information – Funding Execution Tab

The Funding Execution Information window is displayed when a new funding execution is created in the Project Information window. Asterisk (*) fields are required.
Funding Execution Information – Funding Execution Tab

Window Title

1. Window Title
The title includes the funding vehicle identifier, project identifier, and executed cost.

Selected Tab

2. Selected Tab
Shows which tab is active.


  •  Identifier: short label used in the title and the logs to uniquely identify the funding execution.
  •  Name: text label that names the funding execution. If resource loadings will be associated, it can be useful to name funding executions.
  •  Description: text field that describes the funding execution in more depth, if needed
  •  Funding Vehicle*: pull-down menu of current funding vehicles that can be used. Click the icon next to the menu to create a new funding vehicle. Click the icon to edit the selected vehicle. This opens the Funding Vehicle Information window; changes made here are immediately applied to the funding vehicle item.
  •  Unexecuted Funding: dollar amount remaining in the selected funding vehicle (this field cannot be edited)
  •  Executed Cost: dollar amount associated with this specific execution; it must be less than or equal to the Unexecuted Funding amount. If the value entered is higher than the remaining funding, it is automatically changed to the maximum allowed amount.
  •  Include in Funding checkbox: choose if this amount should be included in funding calculations (and displayed in the Funding Actuals view). If, for example, there are multiple versions of the same funding execution, then you may not want to include all of them in calculations.
  •  Authorization to Proceed*: date that the funding (or change in funding) was authorized; it defaults to the current date
  •  Reason: text field to describe any rationale for adding or changing the funding execution
  •  Version: text field that is used to denote the version of the funding execution

Window Buttons

4. Window Buttons
The Clear Changes button resets all fields to the original values. The Apply button saves edits made in any tab of the Funding Execution Information window, and then closes the window. The Cancel button reverses edits made in any tab of the Funding Execution Information window, and then closes the window.
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