Funding Vehicle Information Window

The Funding Vehicle Information window is displayed when a new funding vehicle is added via the Ribbon Bar or from the Project Information window. A funding vehicle characterizes the source of money. For example, if an organization receives funding from multiple sources, a user could create a vehicle to capture each source's dollar value. A funding vehicle must exist before funding can be assigned to a project. The vehicle describes the money itself, while the execution describes how the money is spent or used. Asterisk (*) fields are required.
Funding Vehicle Information Window


1. Fields
  •  Identifier: short label used in the title and the logs to uniquely identify the funding vehicle
  •  Name: text label that names the funding vehicle
  •  Description: describes the funding vehicle in more depth, if needed
  •  Color of Money: government term to denote different funding or appropriation categories. Users can create a new category by typing the name into the field, or choose an existing one from the menu.
  •  Funding Value: dollar amount of the funding vehicle
  •  Start and End dates: define the time frame of the vehicle's availability

Window Buttons

2. Window Buttons
The Clear Changes button resets all fields to the original values; it is only available when editing an existing funding vehicle. The Apply button saves edits made in the window, and then closes it. The Cancel button reverses edits made in the window, and then closes it.
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