Headers & Footers Tab

The Headers & Footers tab of the Document context group provides the functionality to edit the header and footer sections of the report.
Headers & Footers Tab

Header & Footer Group

1. Header & Footer Group
Click the Header or Footer button to open those sections of the report for editing.

Insert Group

2. Insert Group
The Date & Time button inserts the current date and/or time at the position of the cursor; there are several formats available to choose from. The Page Number button inserts the current page number at the cursor's location.

Navigation Group

3. Navigation Group
Link to Previous links the header or footer with the previous page (design and text).

Options Group

4. Options Group
The Options group provides the ability to set a different first page or different odd or even page for the header or footer.

Position Group

5. Position Group
The Position group adjusts the spacing from the top or bottom of the page.

Close Group

6. Close Group
Click the Close Header and Footer button to return to editing the main page section.
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