Import Data

The following steps walk an IsAdmin-type user through importing XML data in Designer. This can be a quick way of transferring data from one data service to another; however, only data exported from Architex (as an XML file) can be imported into Architex using this method.

1. In either the Framework Builder pane or the Node Editor pane, click the Import/Export Data button in the Ribbon Bar.
2. The Data Manager window pops up.
3. Data can be imported into an existing architecture, or a new architecture can be created here (covered next).
4. To create a new architecture in this window, three items are needed in the Create Architecture group. In the Architecture Name field, type in a unique name for your new architecture. Select the user who will own the architecture from the Owner pull-down menu (all visible and authorized users are displayed in the list). From the Framework pull-down menu, choose the framework that matches the structure of the data to be imported. When the fields are completed, click the Create Architecture button.
5. Once the new architecture is created, it is automatically selected in the Target Architecture field.
6. Click the Import XML button. This opens the file explorer window—select your XML file and click Open. A busy indicator is displayed as records are brought in.
7. When the import process is finished, click the Close button to close the Data Manager window. Load a data-facing module to view your data.
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