Import/Export Data Window

The Data Manager window contains the functionality to export and import Architex data. Data is exported to an XML file; this XML data file can then be imported into Architex (for example, into a different data service).
Import/Export Data Window

Import Group

1. Import Group
Click the Import XML button to bring in Architex data (at this time, data from other EA software tools cannot be imported via this method).

View Group

2. View Group
The Expand All and Collapse All buttons affect the trees in the tab.

Create Architecture Group

3. Create Architecture Group
You can create a new architecture to hold the imported data (an empty architecture can also be created in the data-facing modules). Complete the fields and then click the Create Architecture button. (NOTE: The first framework in the Outlook Bar is automatically populated here; another framework can be chosen from the menu.)

Target Architecture Group

4. Target Architecture Group
Select the architecture in which to import the data from the Target Architecture pull-down menu. (NOTE: The first architecture name is automatically populated here; another architecture can be chosen from the menu.)
Export Data Tab
In the Export Data tab, you can choose an architecture to export to XML.
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