Insert Tab

The Insert tab of the Document context group provides the functionality to insert tables, images, links, and comments.
Insert Tab

Pages Group

1. Pages Group
The Page Break button inserts a page break at the location of the cursor in the Content Pane.

Tables Group

2. Tables Group
Click the Table button to bring up the Insert Table drop-down menu, where the number of rows and columns can be chosen.

Illustrations Group

3. Illustrations Group
Click the Picture button to open a file window, where the user can locate an image to be inserted in the report.

Links Group

4. Links Group
The Hyperlink button brings up the Insert Hyperlink window to choose the text to display, how the link should open, and the address of the link:
The Bookmark button brings up the Bookmarks window, where bookmarks can be added or deleted:
The Cross-reference button brings up the Cross-Reference window, where the reference type and other options can be selected:

Comments Group

5. Comments Group
The New Comment button inserts a comment box at the cursor location in the Content Pane. Use the options in the Review tab to show or hide the comments.

Header & Footer Group

6. Header & Footer Group
The Header and Footer buttons insert a header or footer in the document. Use the options in the Headers & Footers tab to insert page numbers or the date in the header or footer.

Text Group

7. Text Group
The Date & Time button inserts the date or date and time at the cursor location; several formats are available. The Page Number button inserts the page number at the cursor location.

Symbols Group

8. Symbols Group
The Symbol button brings up the Insert Symbol window, where the font and symbol can be chosen for insertion at the cursor location:
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