LAM Landing Page

The overall landing page user interface is covered in the Cross Module section. LAM differs from the other modules in that it displays available architectures and data sets; unique features are highlighted below.
LAM Landing Page

Import Options

1. Import Options
The Import Data Set button brings in a data set from a saved file. The Import Microsoft Project File brings in a Microsoft Project file. The Save As button creates a copy of the currently selected architecture. The Delete button permanently deletes an architecture or data set and is only enabled for the architecture or data set owner.

Data Type Options

2. Data Type Options
The Data Types gallery provides the ability to select whether to see only architectures, only data sets, or both in the carousel.

Data Set Tile

3. Data Set Tile
A solid brown tile denotes a data set. Click the folder button to load the data set.

Architecture Tiles

4. Architecture Tiles
The tops of architecture tiles are colored brown, while the main body is white to distinguish it from a data set. Click the folder button to load an architecture.
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