Landing Page

The data-facing modules (Collector, Reporter, Risk Analysis, and Lifecycle Affordability) all have a landing page. The landing page for Collector is used as an example here. The LAM landing page contains additional functionality that is discussed in that section.
The landing page is reached after clicking on the module medallion from the welcome page or using the Architex Tools option of the application menu bar. Here a user can select an architecture to load, copy, edit or delete, depending on module and architecture permissions. If the landing page is empty, contact your Architex administrator or an architecture owner to gain access to existing data.
Landing Page

Ribbon Bar

1. Ribbon Bar
The Refresh Architectures button retrieves the available architectures and refreshes the carousel. The New Architecture button creates a blank architecture. The Save As button creates a copy of the currently selected architecture. The Delete button is only enabled for the architecture owner and permanently deletes the architecture.
The Group by Framework checkbox groups together the architectures that use the same framework. Type in a partial (at least three letters) or a full architecture name in the Search field to only show those architectures that match. The Sort gallery allows the user to organize the architecture list by name (default) or by last edited date. 
The Hide Examples button temporarily hides all the sample architectures provided with Architex (typically labeled with "Example" in the architecture name) from the carousel.
The chevron collapses the Ribbon Bar, maximizing the area available for the rest of the display. The quick help button launches the current module's portion of the user guide. Both of these features are also available once an architecture is loaded.


2. Carousel
The carousel displays all available architectures (and data sets in LAM). The currently selected architecture is shown in the center and larger than the other tiles. Click the folder icon to load the architecture.

Framework Legend

3. Framework Legend
The Framework Legend field provides a color-coded list of the frameworks in the data service. The colors shown here match the color band of the architecture tiles. Architectures in the carousel can be filtered by clicking an item in the Framework Legend. Clicking a filtered legend item will remove the filter.
NOTE: There may not be a visible architecture for every framework.

Architecture Information

4. Architecture Information
The Architecture Information field displays details about the currently selected architecture.

Status Bar

5. Status Bar
The Status Bar shows the readiness of the module and your user login information.
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