Layout Tab

The Layout tab allows the user to change layout options and quickly arrange the diagram (Radial Tree used as the example).
Layout Tab

Layout Group

1. Layout Group
The Refresh button refreshes the diagram using the layout selected in the Layout gallery; available layouts depend on the report type chosen. The Layout Selected button applies the layout to the selected object and its children. The Layout Children button adjusts the layout if fields were expanded or collapsed.
Some layouts also have a Separation group. The Horizontal field adjusts the separation between siblings on the same level. The Vertical field adjusts the separation between tree levels.

Radial Group

2. Radial Group
The Radial group only applies to radial-type layouts. Radial First Level Separation adjusts the spacing from the "top" layer to the first layer. Radial Separation is the spacing between the rest of the layers. A radial diagram tries to lay out the objects in a circle. The Start Angle will set the angle at which the tree should begin ("0 deg" in this image), and the End Angle sets where the tree should end ("360 deg" here)—these settings would result in a full circle. Use Single Layout tries to lay out objects in multiple trees as if they were part of a single tree.

Separation Group

For other layout types, the Separation group applies. Specify the Horizontal and Vertical separation.

Component Margin Group

3. Component Margin Group
The Component Margin field adjusts the spacing between separate instances of diagrams in the image. If there is only one diagram, then this field will not have any effect on the image.
  • In Tree and radial layouts, it adjusts the spacing between different trees.
  • In Bin Packer layouts, it adjusts the spacing between the containers (both parent and child, if nested).
The Component Grid Width field sets the maximum horizontal length of the image. If the value is too low, then the image may go beyond that limit depending on the selected mode and data; however, there is no impact when exporting the image.
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